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Our Service

We offer telephone support, online queries, remote access management and onsite visits. Whether it’s a quick query, or a need for detailed, in depth software or hardware advice, we can provide you with what you need.

Time is money. If your system is down, or you have to make changes and modifications to your software, you need a support provider who can respond quickly. We provide a fast, flexible and reliable service to our clients, who are dealt with not by a support desk but by individual experts. The client won't be left on hold, and we charge by the hour - so no-one has to pay inflated prices for the resolution of simple queries. Neither do you have to purchase a support policy before we will help you - although you have the option to do so.

BusiSoft provides support on bespoke systems provided by us, with other custom systems and a range of 'off the shelf' products. Many companies continue to use and rely on legacy systems. We are able to assist with support and maintenance on many of these systems and help with the upgrade to newer software when you decide to move ahead.

For everyday problems, our expert staff have the experience to identify the source of problems and to work effectively towards a solution. We deal with a wide range of products including Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office software, and can also give advice on HTML design.

All client support information is recorded in our sophisticated support database which is accessible to us from anywhere in the world. Because we can use solutions and information from previous jobs to solve current problems, all our engineers benefit from every others’ experience. And because we have all our client information to hand, with related jobs linked to the relevant tasks, we can take into account developments in client history, avoiding overlap and repetition, getting the job done as fast and as thoroughly as possible.

Online support

If you have a quick query you can fill in our online form with the details and we'll have an expert take a look and get back to you with some suggestions. Alternatively send an email to

Telephone Support

For immediate solutions, call 01342 828282. You will be put straight through to one of our consultants who should be able to guide you through the problem to the solution.

On-site Support

In the event that a problem cannot be resolved remotely, an engineer is dispatched to the client’s site. You are only charged by the quarter hour for the time that the engineer spends working on your problem – no more or less, so you don’t have to pay high prices for the resolution of simple problems. Neither do you have to purchase a support policy, although you have the option to do so.

Remote Access Support

Using remote access technology, our experts can dial-in to our client’s PCs with the permission of the customer (the customer can control these access rights) and take control of the machine as if the engineers were physically at the desktop. This allows us to look at your event logs, change settings and other tasks to solve the problem.


For our established clients we offer a consultancy service, whereby we invest time in getting to know their business. We can carry out a full system audit which looks at the hardware, software and performance of your existing systems. This processinvolves ongoing telephone contact as well as onsite visits to meet with users and management to ascertain how your systems could be operating more efficiently and productively.

In giving advice we take into account your business requirements and expectations and the technical implications they will have, continuously looking ahead, making and revising plans based on the expected growth of the company and overall usage patterns of the system– ensuring that your system is able to cope with the demands you make of it. In doing so we are able to recommend and deliver the most appropriate support solutions for your needs.

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